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[Podcast] New AVF Podcast: How to improve quality in your ICU – Dr. Jorge Salluh



O Dr. Jorge Salluh, cofundador e diretor científico da Epimed Solutions, participou do podcast do Asia Ventilation Forum, discutindo a fundo o tema “Como melhorar a qualidade da sua UTI” em nível local e em registros internacionais.

Descrição do episódio

In this AVF Podcast: ICU Tips & Tricks episode, Dr Jorge Salluh discusses how one can drive quality improvement in the intensive care unit (ICU), both at the local level and in international registries. Dr Salluh is a Brazilian critical care physician working in Rio de Janeiro and a researcher at the not-for-profit D’or Institute for Research and Education. He has been working with outcomes and quality improvement projects for the last 17 years. He is a founder of the Brazilian Research in Intensive Care Network (BRICnet), the Brazilian ICUs registry, and the Linking of Global Intensive Care (LOGIC) consortium.

Issues discussed in this interview:

  • What quality improvement is
  • Skillsets needed for quality improvement
  • How to choose data for collection
  • How to choose quality indicators
  • How to establish targets
  • Frameworks for quality improvement such as the PDCA cycle
  • Role of ICU registries
  • Linking of Global Intensive Care (LOGIC) consortium

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