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The company Epimed Solutions was created in 2008 by three physicians, intensivists who, having difficulty obtaining clinical and epidemiological data from Brazilian intensive care units for analysis and clinical studies, developed software to gather this data and support Intensive Care Units managers in analyzing their information and better managing their units, improving performance and patient safety.

Our solutions are designed and developed to support healthcare professionals to make better decisions, increase hospital efficiency, and improve the quality of patient care, positively impacting society. Beyond goals and results, we seek to do good and contribute to well-being.

We are Global

We are Global

Epimed Solutions operates in 10 European and Latin American countries,and in more than 850 hospitals. We have offices in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Brussels (Belgium), and Lisbon (Portugal), in addition to teams spread out through other countries, such as Chile, Colombia, France, and Uruguay, to provide the best solutions for our customers all over the world







We are Epimed

Behind Epimed Solutions is a proud and passionate team, aware of the impact of our actions and solutions in improving health all over the world.

Our teams are committed to supporting our customers and partners, always providing the best solutions, and maintaining a relationship based on credibility and trust. Teamwork, innovation, and ongoing professional, intellectual, and individual development are part of our DNA.

Furthermore, we value a healthy, happy, and productive environment for our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers, providing security and reliability, based on ethics in all our interactions. We believe that working happily, in a relaxed and respectful environment, encourages creativity and increases efficiency and productivity.

Our Values


Our solutions need to be innovative, reliable, and appropriate to prevailing needs and knowledge.

Social Responsability:

Contributing to improving the quality of patient care.


Our customers are our partners in achieving goals and improving our work.


Concern with professional development and qualifications must be ongoing.

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Process Stages

Epimed believes that an engaged team enhances benefits, both in career development and excellence in achievements and productivity. Therefore, we seek talent that is aligned with our values and culture, as well as being qualified technically.

*Some stages may be in a different order or omitted, according to internal decisions.

*Some stages may be in a different order or omitted, according to internal decisions.

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Programas de estágio

Atuação no desenvolvimento dos nossos produtos e realização de atividades de cunho acadêmico, com apresentação de seminários, clubes de revistas e trabalho de conclusão de curso relacionado ao projeto desenvolvido pelo estagiário durante o programa.

  • Ciência de Dados:
    • Graduação em Estatística ou Ciência de Dados
  • Desenvolvimento de Produto — Segmento Saúde:
    • Graduação em Enfermagem

Suporte às diversas áreas corporativas, com experiências em atividades que promovam seu plano de desenvolvimento.

Graduandos em Enfermagem recebem formação especializada em Produtos Epimed, atuando no suporte a dados para manutenção de projetos dedicados à saúde pública em rede nacional.

Come and be part of this team, which contributes to health care provision and patient experience in hospitals all over the world