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How to prevent Intensive Care Unit-acquired weakness: decrypting MV “bundles”

Patients on mechanical ventilation (MV) in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) have high mortality rates, and, even among survivors, morbidity is significant. In Brazil, the average duration of mechanical ventilation in the Intensive Care Unit is around one week, and these patients are hospitalized for at least ten days in the Intensive Care Unit and more than two weeks in the hospital, representing a high cost to the health system. Among the factors traditionally associated with worse outcomes are age, the existence of severe comorbidities, frailty, and the number and severity of organ dysfunctions. The long-term outcomes of this group of patients are equally worrisome, as they are precisely the most susceptible to developing complications, such as muscle weakness, cognitive decline, and anxiety and depression that last for months after hospital discharge. 

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