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OLV Aalst is a three campuses general hospital with 800 beds in total. The hospital has a JCI accreditation and is well known for its cardiac specialization and for the use of robotic surgery in areas such as urology and gynecology.

The hospital has a 24 beds general intensive care unit (ICU) with about 1,800 patients’ admissions per year. The head of the ICU is Dr. Koen De Decker and medical staff is composed of 30 intensive care physicians that use a patient data management system (PDMS) to manage daily prescriptions and patients’ clinical parameters.

Although the ICU of Aalst has a PDMS it is not easy to generate ICU quality and performance indicators. Additionally, it has no capabilities for benchmarking.


The ICU was invited to participate on the pilot of the MICA (Monitoring Intensive Care Activities) Project in 2017. The MICA Project aims to encourage the use of quality and performance indicators in Belgian ICUs and thereby improve the quality of intensive care medicine and increase patient safety.


The experience in using the Epimed Monitor ICU software was so good that the hospital decided to contract the software permanently. As Dr. De Decker says, “now we have better insights, what we did not have before and calculate in real-time many indicators like the Standardized Mortality Rate”.

In addition, according to Dr. De Decker the medical staff considered the Epimed Monitor ICU software necessary, valuable and easy to use.

Initially, Epimed Monitor software was integrated with the hospital administrative software and now it is being integrated with the PDMS system. The main goal is to use the information provided by the software to give feedback and motivate the whole team of the ICU.


In Dr. De Decker own words:

“I feel that regarding report and benchmarking there is no other product like Epimed Monitor ICU software in the market”.